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Livestream Procaster

Livestream Procaster allows you to: - Stream live from Firewire, HDMI, HD-SDI,
Publisher's Description:
Livestream Procaster is an amazing tool powered by Livestream that allows you to live broadcast both audio and video on the internet. You can broadcast your own channels - It requires registration and you have to check on channels availability. From the beginning you can transmit up to 500kbps, if you want to increase your bit rate you have to upgrade your account. You have to verify your channels in order to remove the limit of 50 concurrent viewers and include in the Livestream channel guide. You can use three different sources for broadcasting: Camera, Screen, or Game source. Channels automatically go live when broadcasting and it is recommended to add recordings to the on-demand library. Video supports both On2 VP6 and H.264 Encoders. Livestream Procaster also includes two more features: Chat and Promote. The chat window allows you to chat with other users even if they don't have a valid Livestream account; also it can be used for blogging - it means that only the moderator can chat. The Promote feature allows you to promote your channels by using Twitter.


You can live broadcast your camera, screen or video games.


Free channels transmit only up to 500 kbps.
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